Rule 1 General terms is an online store for Laululintu Art Oy. This online store is produced and provided by Laululintu Art Oy. Follow these general terms and conditions and apply them to customer and contractual relationships between Laululintu Art Oy and its customers.
By using, ordering products the customer agrees and abides by these general terms and conditions.
Rule 2 Customer and consumer protection
The customers of the online store can be individuals (hereinafter referred to as ”consumer customers”) and companies or corporations (hereinafter referred to as ”corporate customers”). In addition to these general terms and conditions, the customer relationship between consumer customers and shall be governed by applicable consumer protection laws. Customer relationships between corporate customers and shall be governed primarily by these general terms and conditions or governed by applicable commercial law.
Rule 3 Customer information and privacy
To order a product, you must provide at least with a name, postal address, email address and phone number. Corporate customers must also have a company ID. The information provided by the customer is stored in Laululintu’s customer register. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the information provided is correct and to report any changes therein. will properly handle the information provided by customers. Customer information is used to maintain and manage customer relationships and other legitimate purposes, such as direct marketing.
After accessing, you may be sent a customer review request for an ordered product. Product reviews will not reveal the names of customers.
Rule 4 Ordering products
When ordering from, a binding trade agreement is signed when the order confirmation is sent to the customer. The sales contract applies to the product specified in the order confirmation. Delivery confirms availability and delivery of the ordered products. Customer orders will be processed within 24 hours. reserves the right not to accept orders.
In accordance with its risk management policy, reserves the right not to accept customer orders and cancel customer orders at any stage of the order or delivery process, whether or not an order confirmation has been submitted. If there are no separate products, may only cancel orders for those products. Rejecting or cancelling an order will not make liable to the customer. must cancel your order within 7 days of placing the order.
Rule 5 Product prices
The current prices of the products available on the website are displayed on the page and relate to the product information at the time of order. Unless otherwise stated, prices are inclusive of VAT. Except for the price with a prescribed validity period, the price may change at any time. The price does not include order shipping.
Promotional items and prices for promotional items are valid for a specified period, provided that the product is available. is under no obligation to provide such products or replace them with any other products if the products reserved for promotions and promotional pricing are sold out, or no products are available. reserves the right to cancel or repair orders if products are sold at incorrect prices due to pricing errors, system failures or other similar errors. also reserves the right to cancel or repair orders if the wrong product is provided to the customer, the wrong shipping quantity, the quantity of the shipped product exceeds the price charged or any other similar error or malfunction occurs. can also cancel orders if products that appear to be in the campaign are being bought at unusual prices or are apparently being resold. The cancellation or modification of the order will not cause to compensate the customer.
Rule 6 Payment
Various payment methods provided by to customers are based on cooperation agreements with third parties. Current payment methods, their fees and terms will be disclosed on the page or as required by law through links on the page. The available payment methods can be provided entirely by a third party (for example, Bamboo) and should comply with its terms and conditions. only offers payment methods to trusted customers. reserves the right to refuse to accept a customer’s order in accordance with its risk management policy, even if the customer has received approval from the payment method provider for the payment method of their choice, such as an invoice or installment. If refuses to accept the order, reserves the right to cancel the customer’s order without any obligation of compensation. must cancel your order within 7 days of placing the order.
Rule 7 Delivery offers customers a variety of options based on delivery agreements with third-party shipping contracts. The current shipping options and their terms are displayed on Shipping costs will be added to the order price. The price starting from the shopping cart reflects the shipping cost per order.
The delivery time of a product ordered by a customer may vary depending on the availability of the product. If a customer orders the product but it turns out that the product is unavailable, may cancel the order without taking any responsibility. This may be the case, for example, if the product is a promotional product with limited availability, the product information is defective, or the product cannot be obtained from the importer.
If deems it appropriate, you can divide the order according to and divide into several wholesale goods. offers products that are immediately available, as well as products that are later available from stock. is not responsible for any delays in delivery or consequential damages caused by force majeure. From the perspective of, force majeure is an unforeseen situation or change in circumstances that is beyond the reasonable control of
Rule 8 Cancellations and refunds offers a 7-day free replacement and return policy for your  products. The implementation of the return and exchange policy requires that the product is not opened or used. The purchaser must save the product in the state in which it was received. All parts contained in the product should be stored, and the product should be in the original and unopened complete packaging. When replacing or returning a product, the customer must present a receipt or other equivalent proof of purchase. The order must be returned immediately after cancellation. Free pickup and return policies do not apply to products picked up from the point of sale. Restrictions on exchanges and returns are subject to the Consumer Protection Act.
The returned product must be in its original sealed, unopened package.
If the product is customized, ordered, or purchased on behalf of the customer, the product will not be refunded after work begins or a purchase order for the product to be purchased for the customer has been completed.
Returns must be made in accordance with the instructions provided to the customer at the time of delivery. will be responsible for the return shipping if the return is caused by the wrong packaging of In any other case, the return shipping will be borne by the returnee independently. When shipping returns, the returned products must be carefully packaged to avoid damaging them during shipping. Keep at least the return documents until you receive any refunds or product replacements from
Rule 9 Warranty and liability
The warranty terms for products ordered from are determined by the manufacturer’s warranty terms and warranty period. Customers must read the product manual and warranty before using the product. Instructions for use and warranty terms can be found on the product packaging, in a separate document that accompanies the product packaging, or on the manufacturer’s website provided above. All products are guaranteed to cover defects in materials and workmanship only. When calling up the warranty terms, the customer must present a receipt for the product or other equivalent proof of purchase.
Defects covered by the product warranty will be repaired as a warranty under the manufacturer’s warranty terms. is not responsible for any loss or any other inconvenience or damage to the use of this product due to any defect or warranty service.
Rule 10 Mistakes and responsibilities
In all cases, shall be responsible for any defects in the product in accordance with applicable consumer laws or agreements. When an error occurs, the customer must present a receipt for the product or other equivalent proof of purchase.
Upon discovery of the error, the customer must immediately notify of the error in writing. Customer service must be notified at does not compensate for any loss of use rights or other damage or damage caused by defects or maintenance in using this product. is not responsible for’s failure to cancel or repair orders under these terms and conditions.
Rule 11 Exceptions to the scope of corporate customers’ liability and general terms and conditions
In all cases,’s liability for defects and to business customers is limited to the price of the product ordered by the business customer minus the benefit to the business customer. is not responsible for any indirect losses (such as lost revenue). Corporate customers are not subject to consumer protection regulations. The provisions of these contract clauses concerning consumer protection laws do not apply to corporate customers.
Rule 12 Force majeure
If encounters force majeure, it shall be exempt from its obligations under these general terms and conditions. The customer is not responsible for any loss or damage that assumes due to the fact that is released or prevented due to force majeure in accordance with the terms of the agreement. From the perspective of, force majeure is an unforeseen situation or change in circumstances that is beyond the reasonable control of
Rule 13 Changes to the service and this agreement
If deemed appropriate, may make changes to or its content or these general terms and conditions. When ordering products, applicable general terms and conditions can be found on
Rule 14 Dispute resolution
All disputes related to this agreement cannot be resolved through negotiation and shall be resolved by the court where is located. For consumers residing in Finland, the court may also be the court where the consumer resides.
Consumer customers can also contact consumer advice or submit a dispute to the Consumer Dispute Board.